London’s Bloomsbury Festival (19th-20th October): Free Attendance for All

United KingdomUnited Kingdom  London’s Bloomsbury Festival (19th-20th October) is a completely gorgeous, entirely FREE to attend, event that spills over almost all of the garden squares, museums, shops, pubs and venues in – you guessed it! – Bloomsbury, to celebrate the longstanding culture and arts community of this London quarter. There are oodles of events (150+!) including a charming dance programme on offer.

· A Holding Space

Inspiring, life-transforming contemporary dance company Dance United offer an open rehearsal previewing their moving programme from Kwesi Johnson, Carly Annable-Coop, Helen Linsell and Dam Van Huynh. Where & When: The Place, Saturday 20th October at 4pm

· Music x Art x Dance

Where & When: Goodenough College, Saturday 20th October at 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Fusion presents a high-energy and thought-provoking performance combining contemporary dance, abstract animation and four-hand piano music.

· A Holding Space Workshop

Where & When: One KX, Sunday 21st October at 1pm – 2pm. Join Dance United for an inspiring contemporary dance workshop based on repertory from ‘ A Holding Space’.

Please browse the full programme on and try to come along sometime if you can.