Rigoletto – Juventus Lyrica On And Up

ArgentinaArgentina Verdi, Rigoletto: Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra of Juventus Lyrica, Antonio Maria Russo (conductor), Teatro Avenida, Buenos Aires. 4.4.2014. (JSJ)


Rigoletto -   Natalia Quiroga Romero (Gilda) and Ernesto Bauer (Rigoletto) in Juventus Lyrica’s 2014 production of Rigoletto. Photo Liliana Morsia.
Rigoletto – Natalia Quiroga Romero (Gilda) and Ernesto Bauer (Rigoletto) in Juventus Lyrica’s 2014 production of Rigoletto. Photo Liliana Morsia.


Rigoletto: Ernesto Bauer / Juan Font / Cristian Maldonado
Gilda: Natalia Quiroga Romero / Ivana Ledesma / Jaquelina Livieri
Duke of Mantua: Sebastián Russo / Maximiliano Agatiello
Monterone: Nicolás Secco / Pol González
Sparafucile: Felipe Cudina Begovic / Juan Pablo Labourdette / Leonardo Fontana
Maddalena: Griselda Adano / Gabriela Kreig / Mariana Artaza
Giovanna: Tamara Odón / Gabriela Kreig
Marullo: Juan Font / Juan Feico / Luis Loaiza Isler
Borsa: Maximiliano Agatiello / Pablo Scaiola / Fernando Navarro
Ceprano: Juan Pablo Labourdette / Felipe Cudina Begovic / Mathias Soto
Countess Ceprano: Ivana Ledesma / Samanta Jaume

Director: Ana D´Anna
Sets/lighting: Gonzalo Córdova
Costumes: María Jaunarena, after originals by Ponchi Morpurgo
Chorus: Antonio Maria Russo

Juventus Lyrica has begun its 2014 season with a revival of its 2007 production of Rigoletto.

Having not seen that I am unable to draw any comparisons, but based on this one, it is without doubt a worthy production, straightforward in its intent, namely to let this tragic story speak for itself, without seeking to distort or to enlarge upon it. The scenery comprises a simple but effective structure, which serves with minor variations throughout, and the dress is appropriately evocative.

Juventus Lyrica was formed in 1999 primarily to offer a platform for young artists – a mission it has well lived up to over these past 15 years – and for this production, it offers almost three complete casts, albeit with some rotations (this review referring to the first cast).

Notable also is the development of the singers over the years and Ernesto Bauer – the undoubted star of the evening – makes a fine Rigoletto with his even and dramatic delivery and strong presence. Sebastián Russo (the Duke) also continues to evolve both as a singer and actor and impacts in this important role. Conversely, Natalia Quiroga Romero (Gilda), hailing from the northwestern province of San Juan, is an interesting newcomer to the company, and with her impeccable vocal line, is likely to be seen a lot more.

Other standouts were the two basses, Nicolás Secco (Monterone) and Felipe Cudina Begovic (Sparafucile), and Griselda Adano’s raw Maddalena was also noteworthy, not forgetting the contributions of the other cast members and that of the chorus.

Antonio Maria Russo once again conducted with his usual style, ensuring that together this makes a fine start to Juventus Lyrica’s 16th season.

Jonathan Spencer Jones

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