A First Charity Classical Music Concert at Finchcocks on 27 May

Broadwood Piano Concert At Finchcocks

Finchcocks, a renowned piano museum turned contemporary piano school, has announced it will be hosting its first charity classical music concert this May. The concert is being organised in collaboration with John Broadwood and Sons, taking place on the 27th May 2018 and starting at 7.30pm. The intimate evening of music will celebrate the bicentenary of the delivery of one of Thomas Broadwood’s best pianos to Beethoven.

Finchcocks Manor House

Talented pianist, Paul Roberts, will entertain guests with an evening of Debussy and Beethoven in Finchcocks’ atmospheric cellar, which the new owners have recently renovated. He will be playing on one of Finchcocks’ barless Broadwood grand pianos.


Paul is a leading authority on the music of Debussy, who has earnt the admiration of audiences, critics and fellow professionals around the world.

‘Roberts doesn’t play like an Englishman,’ wrote a critic for BBC Music Magazine on the release of his first Debussy disc. ‘Space, concentration and fire take their turns in this fine start to a Debussy cycle. He characterises directly and, at speed, fiercely. In slower music there is unhurried poise and fluidity.’

The new owners of Finchcocks have confessed that their new musical venture – offering weekend piano courses for adults of all abilities and classical music concerts – is a ‘labour of love’, and they are giving all proceeds from the ticket sales of this event to Britain’s leading independent music charity: Help Musicians UK.

Since 1921, Help Musicians UK has provided help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives.

The charity helps emerging professionals to develop their talent and get started in a professional career, existing professionals who have hit a crisis in their lives, and they also help with musicians with long-term or terminal illnesses and those needing special help as they grow older.

In addition to donating the profits from the ticket sales to Help Musicians UK, Finchcocks says that the partnership signifies a wider commitment to raise awareness of the charity.

 ‘The Broadwood concert at Finchcocks should be a fantastic evening of classical music – where guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Debussy and Beethoven rendered beautifully in our newly transformed space.

We hope the concert will raise much-needed funds for Help Musicians UK, as well as providing opportunities to inspire people to support the charity in the long-term.’ Neil Nichols, the new owner of Finchcocks.

Tickets are £12 and available at the following link: https://www.finchcocks.com/concerts/charity-broadwood-concert/. Alternatively, call 01580 428080 to buy a ticket over the phone.

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