LACO’s sad last stand at Royce Hall in Los Angeles

United StatesUnited States Skye, Mozart, Beethoven, ‘Horizons: Beethoven + Skye’: Tereza Stanislav (violin), Yura Lee (viola), Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra / Jaime Martín (conductor). UCLA Royce Hall, Los Angeles, 21.4.2024. (LV)

Tereza Stanislav (violin), Yura Lee (viola) and Jaime Martín (conductor) © Brian Feinzimer

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The Netherlands Violin Competition throws a big party called Night of the Violin

NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Violin Competition [2] – Night of the Violin Festival: Tim Kliphuis, Tessa Lark, Shunske Sato, Tjeerd Top, Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Anan Al-Kadamani, Isobel Warmelink, the Nordic Fiddlers Bloc and others, mostly on violin. TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 26.1.2024. (LV)

Tessa Lark and Tim Kliphuis jamming at Night of the Violin © Eric van Nieuwland

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Salomé Bonnema sweeps to victory in the Netherlands Violin Competition

NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands Violin Competition [1] – Concerto Finals: Salomé Bonnema, Kira van der Woerd, Enzo Kok (violin), Residentie Orkest / Jonathan Bloxham (conductor). Grote Zaal, Tivoli/Vredenburg, Utrecht, 27.1.2024. (LV)

Salomé Bonnema playing Mendelssohn with the Residentie Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Bloxham © Foppe Schut

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Mendelssohn’s musical alchemy: the rediscovery of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion through 19th-century ears

United StatesUnited States Bach, St. Matthew Passion (arr. Mendelssohn): Soloists, Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Bach Festival Orchestra / Christopher Jackson (conductor). Packer Memorial Church, Bethlehem, PA, 11.5.2023. (LV)

William Sharp singing the part of Jesus © Ryan Hulvat/Meris, Inc.

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Young violinist Leonhard Baumgartner wins the Carl Flesch Prize at Baden-Baden

GermanyGermany Carl Flesch International Competition – Concertos Round: 16 candidates (violin, viola, cello, double-bass), Philharmonie Baden-Baden / Heiko Mathias Förster (conductor). Weinbrennersaal, Kurhaus Baden-Baden, 21-22.7.2023. (LV)

Leonhard Baumgartner plays Schumann’s Fantasie © Jörg P. Bongartz

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