Jeannette Sorrell of Apollo’s Fire talks with Mark Sebastian Jordan about ‘O Jerusalem!’

Jeannette Sorrell addresses an audience

In its first quarter century, Apollo’s Fire, the Cleveland baroque orchestra, has made creative programming a cornerstone — a key part of engaging and building a dedicated public throughout northeast Ohio and beyond. In 2018, the ensemble unveiled a program entitled O Jerusalem! Crossroads of Three Faiths, which I reviewed in concert at that time. Now the group is bringing the program back for a second look and taking it on tour to New York City and Chicago. I spoke with harpsichordist and conductor Jeannette Sorrell as she was returning to her hotel from a rehearsal for the group’s current tour.

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In Akron, a lively Valentine from Apollo’s Fire

United StatesUnited States Vivaldi, Porpora, Fontana, Strozzi, Monteverdi: Erica Schuller (soprano), Brian Giebler (tenor); Olivier Brault, Alan Choo, Adriane Post, Carrie Krause (violin solos), Apollo’s Fire / Jeannette Sorrell (conductor). First United Methodist Church, Akron, Ohio, 13.2.2020. (MSJ)

Erica Schuller

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From Apollo’s Fire in Ohio, the gift of Bach

United StatesUnited States J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratorio: Molly Netter (soprano), Daniel Moody (contralto), Steven Soph (tenor), Jesse Blumberg (baritone), Apollo’s Fire / Julian Wachner (conductor). St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, 12.12.2019. (MSJ)

Julian Wachner conducting Apollo’s Fire & Apollo’s Singers (c) Erica Brenner

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