Back to the future, music sets sail in Plymouth on the good ship Mayflower

United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jane O’Leary and Jonathan Dawe: Erika Baikoff (soprano), Timothy Nelson (baritone), Plymouth Performing Arts Academy Junior Chorus. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Kokoro Ensemble / Mark Forkgen (conductor). Theatre Royal Plymouth, 4.6.2021. (PRB)

Erika Baikoff (top left), Timothy Nelson (top right), Robert Taub (bottom left),
Mark Forkgen (bottom right) (c) Philip R Buttall

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Devon Baroque dispenses its own brand of ‘complementary medicine’ to soothe fevered brows at Dartington

United KingdomUnited Kingdom Malady & the Power of Music: Devon Baroque, Persephone Gibbs (director/violin), Andrew Wilson-Dickson (director/harpsichord). Great Hall, Dartington,  10.11.2019. (PRB)

Devon Baroque with Persephone Gibbs (inset) (c) Philip R Buttall

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Dartington Community Choir’s Double Requiem Delight with Sounds of Japan

United KingdomUnited Kingdom Duruflé, Jenkins: Charlotte Forfar (soprano), Matt Hulbert (baritone), Peter King (organ), Clive Bell (shakuhachi). Dartington Community Choir, Dartington Sinfonietta / Simon Capet (conductor). Great Hall, Dartington, 14.4.2019. (PRB)

Dartington Community Choir with Clive Bell (shakuhachi) inset
(c) Philip R Buttall

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