Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently  Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t the new site show any reviews or articles earlier than March 2011?

A: There is no easy means of transferring reviews from the old design to WordPress.

Technically, it should have been possible to write an algorithm to convert the code in the old design’s reviews  to the new format, and we did try that but without much success. The only alternative left would have been to have copied all the older reviews manually and to have posted them piecemeal – an essentially impossible task given the numbers of reviews published weekly since 1999.

Q: So does that mean that the earlier reviews are all lost now?

A: By no means. There are two easy ways of finding earlier reviews.  First, you can use the ‘Our Archives 1999-2011’ link in this ‘Useful Links’ list if you know approximately when a review was published. The Seen and Heard  Archives are essentially completely up to date from our beginnings in 1999 until the first week in April 2011. After that  all of our published pieces will  appear on this site in either the category indexes or the month by month archives.

The second and perhaps easier  way of finding earlier reviews is to use the Google Custom Search Box that appears on every page or post in this design. It searches the whole of MusicWeb International’s output and is extremely fast, producing its results in a pop-up window almost immediately.  You can search by review author, composer, artists, venues etc in any combination.  The Custom Search facility  will also  add all the newly published  materials from the this current site  as soon as Google indexes them.

Q: Are there any  rules about making comments  on reviews and articles? 

A: We have recently decided not to display comments anywhere on the site. Please read  ‘Why We Are Not Posting  Comments’ in the Useful Links Column.

 Q: Can anyone write for Seen and Heard International?

 A: Not quite but please read ‘Write for Us – A Call for Additional Reviewers‘  in the Useful Links Column.

More FAQs will be added as new  issues arise.

Bill Kenny

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