Talents Spark at the 2019 Whitgift International Music Competition


Every young, aspiring, instrumental soloist knows that she is up against the stiffest competition. Competitions have been known to launch these rare talents. Competitions also invariably leave exceptional talent behind. I have noticed repeatedly that my own preferences would sometimes go to a second or third place. If the Competition is important (ugly word there) enough, the second and third winners will get a fairly thorough launching too. 

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When Music is Indistinguishable from Drama by Jack Buckley

Hugh Grant tells the tale of when he was playing the part of the presumed husband of Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) in the hugely entertaining film, he asked director, Stephen Frears, whether the man was an adventurer after Foster Jenkins’s money or genuinely in love with the woman who was living a passionately dedicated life of self-deception. How should I know? replied Frears, You’re the actor.

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