New Reviewers Are Always Welcome

New Reviewers Are Always Welcome

Despite its complement of more than 70 reviewers around the world, Seen and Heard International is always eager to recruit new contributors, especially in areas where our coverage is limited.

In the UK, for example, we currently have no one based in East Anglia where Aldeburgh has a lively year-round program of events in addition to the famous summer festival; and our coverage of Northern Ireland and the North East and South West of England is less comprehensive than we would like. Elsewhere in Europe, we are looking to expand coverage from Eire to Norway to the Czech Republic.

The world, however, is most definitely our oyster, and we would like to expand coverage in the USA and Canada (Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Montreal and more); and in Asia and Africa as well. One of our editors is based in Argentina, but Brazil, Chile and the rest of South America are too wide a remit for a single person to cover.

If you have a lively interest in classical music and could produce 500 or so words of readable and grammatically sound copy after a concert or opera performance, the editorial team would like to hear from you – even if you don’t live in any of the places mentioned specifically above. Seen and Heard is welcome wherever great music-making happens, and being a member of our accredited reviewing team can open doors to you. To find out more, please send your inquiry to, who will pass it along to our Editorial Team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Editors