Conrad Tao introduces his upcoming Playlist Series concert for the Seattle Symphony

Conrad Tao’s Playlist Series concert for the Seattle Symphony: a journey beyond boundaries

Conrad Tao © Kevin Condon

When the Seattle Symphony presented pianist Conrad Tao with an opportunity to curate a program anchored by a Mozart piano concerto, his answer was an emphatic yes.

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Kahchun Wong’s musical alchemy: Beethoven and Mahler in perfect harmony

Zach Carstensen profiles conductor Kahchun Wong

Kahchun Wong © Ayane Sato

Anticipation crackles in the air, thick like summer lightning before the storm breaks. A hush descends, settling over an expectant audience. Every cough or rustling program feels like a desecration. At the podium, conductor Kahchun Wong stands at the edge of creation – shoulders squared, back straight, baton held aloft.  A moment’s pause, pregnant with possibility, his hand dips, slow and deliberate, tracing the first stroke of a masterpiece: Beethoven’s Symphony No.9.

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