Dukas For The 21st Century: TableTopOpera’s Graphic Novel Ariane and Bluebeard

United StatesUnited States Dukas: TableTopOpera (Frederico Agostini, violin; David Ying, cello; James VanDemark, double bass; Griffin M. Campbell, alto sax; James Thompson, trumpet; Jackson Courtright, trombone; Albert Kim, Dariusz Terefenko, keyboards) / Mark Watters (conductor), Hoyt Hall Auditorium, University of Rochester, Rochester, 11.9.2018. (LV)

Poster design for Ariane and Bluebeard by P. Craig Russell

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Talmi’s New Clarinet Quintet and a Perfect Beethoven Tempo at the Montréal Chamber Music Festival

CanadaCanada Dvořák, Beethoven, Talmi: Israeli Chamber Project (Alon Goldstein and Yoav Talmi, pianos; Tibi Cziger, clarinet; Yehonatan and Carmit Zori, violins; Nitai Zori, viola; Michal Korman, cello), Pollack Hall, McGill University, Montréal, 15.6.2017. (LV)

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